Hoenn Confirmed
I'm Kyle, i'm 19 and i'm from Australia. I'll post mostly about video games, epsecially Pokemon, TV shows, books, basically anything that holds my interest. I like to write and very rarely post my work, however i am getting back into it. I'm taken. I'm always happy to talk, so come say hi.

im so tired i have a medical tomorrow for this job im going for ughghghgh but no needles thats good but anyways im off to entertain my brain with thoughts of good things to come in the future and sleep

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Song: This is Halloween
Artist: Marilyn Manson
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Boys and girls of every age,
wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see,
this, our town of Halloween ~

It’s Halloween all month long

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do you have those shows that you just pretend got cancelled after a certain season/episode and any following episodes just never existed in the first place?


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The first sip of tea is always the hardest.

that isn’t supposed to be inspirational, I’m just stating it’s fucking nerve-racking waiting for it to touch your lips and potentially having it melt your face off 


Dance-off, bro. Me and you.

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